Akira Ono

Vice President, South-East Asia

Akira Ono is Professor of Archaeology, and Director of the Center for Obsidian and Lithic Studies at Meiji University, Tokyo. Previously, he was a Professor of the Tokyo Metropolitan University, 1995-2009. He is also President of the Japanese Palaeolithic Research Association, Vice-President of the Japan Association for Quaternary Research, Japanese delegate of the U.I.S.P.P, Commission VIII ( Paleolithique superieur). For the ICOMOS, he is an executive member of the Japanese National Committee, and acting particularly with the protection and management of buried archaeological heritage.

He is currently working with the project of ‘Historical variation in interactions between humans and natural resources: towards the construction of a prehistoric anthropography.’

Prof. Ono received the Japan Association for Quaternary Research Award in 2009. His main publications: Ono, A.2007 Palaeolithic Perspectives: Japanese Islands and the World. Doseisha Co., Ltd., P. 277. Tokyo.(in Japanese). Ono, A. 2001. Flaked Bone Tools: An alternative perspective on the Palaeolithic. University of Tokyo Press, P.290, Tokyo.(in Japanese with English abstract).