Scott MacEachern

Vice President, Sub-Saharan Africa

Scott MacEachern is Professor of Anthropology at Bowdoin College, in Brunswick, Maine. He holds MA and PhD degrees in archaeology from the University of Calgary. He has been involved in archaeological research projects in Cameroon, Chad, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, the United States and Canada. Much of his research has taken place around the Mandara Mountains of northern Cameroon and Nigeria, and he is currently working on the excavation of Iron Age sites in that region. His main research interests are in state formation processes in Africa, the archaeological study of ethnicity and social boundaries, African cultural heritage management issues and African and global historical genetics.

Some recent publications include (with Nicholas David), ‘Monumental architecture in mountain landscapes: the diy-ge?-bay sites of northern Cameroon’ (Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa 48(2): 241-262 ‒ 2013), ‘Time on the timeless continent: history and archaeological chronologies in the southern Lake Chad Basin’ (in Big histories, human lives: tackling problems of scale in archaeology, edited by Tim Pauketat and John Robb, pp. 123-144. School for Advanced Research Press, Santa Fe ‒ 2013) and (with Philippe Lavachery, Tchago Bouimon and Christophe Mbida) Komé ‒ Kribi: rescue archaeology along the Chad-Cameroon Oil Pipeline, 1999-2004/De Komé à Kribi: archéologie preventive le long l’oléoduc Tchad-Cameroun, 1999-2004 (Journal of African Archaeology Monograph Series. Africa Magna Verlag, Frankfurt ‒ 2010).